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A New Kind Of New Year’s Resolution

Is it really a new year already? We can’t believe how quickly 2018 slipped by. And with a new year upon us, we tend to think it’s time to make some new year’s resolutions don’t we? Some resolutions we keep for the entire year and others…well, those resolutions weren’t really all that great anyway, were they?

This year, we have resolved to not make any resolutions! Resolutions tend to box us in and create an atmosphere of inflexibility. So this year, we are looking beyond “resolutions” to the real goals of life…to enjoy time with our friends and families, pursue joy in both the big and small, and open ourselves up to new experiences.

We think it’s important to reflect on the past but look expectantly to the coming year and all that it has to offer. This time of reflection and renewal is also a good time to look at how well we are covered for most any eventuality in 2019. We want to expect the very best but be well prepared if something does happen to us, or our loved ones.

Now is a good time to review your insurance coverage, ensure your policies are up to date, and look at new options that might better suit your needs in 2019. You’ve probably noticed that our streets and freeways are more crowded with the winter tourists and with that comes some added dangers and complications. If an out-of-town driver with inadequate insurance were to cause an accident, it’s important to have the peace of mind that you are fully covered. We must set ourselves up for success to avoid any pitfalls that might be lurking out there.

We hope that this year is full of wonderful surprises – only the very best kinds of course! And we hope that you and yours stay safe, happy, and healthy.

If you’ve ever wondered whether your policies, insurances, and coverage are adequate and you want to get an outside opinion, we are here for you. Just give me a call either at the office or on my cell and I would be happy to do a quick review with you.

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