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Think of how many times you’ve just missed tripping over that torn carpeting or straining to see in a poorly lit narrow stairway. Or how many times you’ve seen a spill on a tile floor just sitting there, an accident waiting to happen in plain sight. Nine million people are treated in an emergency room every year due to fall injuries. Under any of these conditions, a slip and fall could cause lasting pain from traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, fractures, and even death.  Slips and falls can cause a lifetime of health and financial complications. If you have experienced a fall due to the negligence of a property owner or manager, speak with an experienced Davie slip and fall lawyer for an assessment of your case.

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Steps to Follow After a Slip & Fall

We don’t want the aftermath of the fall to cause as much, if not more, damage than the fall itself. Mounting medical bills, lost wages, and emotional suffering can cause a substantial negative impact on the quality of your life following your accident. When experiencing an injury, gathering evidence may not be the first thing on your mind, but being proactive is important in bolstering your case down the road. 

Below are the five things you must do when you or someone you are with are involved in a slip and fall at a commercial location: 

1. Notify Someone Immediately and Get Help

The first thing you should do is make sure that you notify someone in charge at the location of the incident. If you are injured, don’t hesitate to have the business (or someone nearby) call for an ambulance. 

2. File a Police Report

If it’s an emergency situation, call 9-1-1. This will summon an ambulance and the police. If it isn’t an emergency, look up the number for the non-emergency local police so that you can file a report. You want your experience captured by an independent party.

3. Take Pictures

If you slipped on water on the floor or tripped because of a hole, take a picture of it. Also, be sure to take a picture of the exact location of the fall. This could be important because the owner of the location and the owner of the parking lot or plaza may be different. The more visual detail of the incident you have, the better.

4. Get the Names and Contact Information of Any Witnesses

Along with photo evidence, statements from eyewitnesses can be vital to helping establish the exact location and details of the incident. When you’re hurt, sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly how things happened, and having eyewitness accounts can fill in any gaps. 

5. Contact an Attorney Promptly

A Davie slip and fall attorney can help you with much of what comes after a slip and fall incident, starting with obtaining any video evidence that might exist. Many locations have video cameras on their premises that save to a hard drive. However, if the footage isn’t requested soon enough, it may be deleted. A slip and fall attorney can help you navigate these and other challenges surrounding the aftermath of a fall at a place of business.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property and are considering a legal claim, you should discuss your case with an experienced Davie slip and fall attorney. You should do so quickly, as there are time limits in which injured persons may file a personal injury lawsuit.


There can be many conditions that manifest in a slip and fall incident. However, the bulk of slip and fall accidents that occur in restaurants, stores, or retail locations may include one of the following types of accidents: 

  • Damaged surfaces: Uneven or broken floor surfaces can cause serious injuries, and property managers or owners may be liable if the defect is considered an unsafe condition for visitors. 
  • Wet floors: When floors or spills are cleaned, it is important to adequately warn visitors by using a wet floor sign in areas where floors become slippery. If you are injured due to a wet floor because of no warning from the employees, you may be able to hold the business liable for your injuries. 
  • A tripping hazard: If an overlooked object has created a tripping hazard and has been on the floor for a substantial amount of time without proper action taken by the employees and you sustain an injury, the business may be liable for your injuries. 
  • Unsafe environment: If the property owner or manager has created an unsafe environment for visitors, they would be held liable for any injuries sustained on their property because their place of business would be considered a dangerous environment. 

If you have endured injuries due to the property owner or manager’s negligence, you may be able to recoup compensation for your losses following the accident. When working with an experienced slip and fall attorney, you may be able to gather evidence surrounding the condition of the property that led to your accident, obtain expert witness testimony, and provide medical documentation to prove the extent of your injuries. These details may assist in proving negligence and liability to recover maximum compensation for your losses.

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