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How to Prove Car Damage Is From Lightning Strike

While lightning striking your car may seem like a one-in-a-million chance, it is more common than you think, especially under Florida’s stormy skies. In fact, millions of vehicles get struck by lightning every year in the Sunshine State. Despite the amount of damage a lightning strike can do to your vehicle, proving this damage to your insurance company can be challenging. Following the strike, examining your car thoroughly for damage, taking photographs, and contacting a skilled attorney are essential.

If your vehicle was damaged by lightning, do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Scott Sobol. Our attorneys understand the ins and outs of Florida law and can help you prove your damages and pursue the justice you deserve. We have represented over 1,000 clients and are ready to apply our wealth of experience and skills to your case. When you retain our services, you can rest assured your case is in the dependable hands of a knowledgeable legal professional. 

How to Prove Damage Caused by Lightning

While lightning damage can be challenging to prove, it can leave behind several signs. After the storm has subsided, check your vehicle thoroughly for the following signs of a lightning strike:

  • Char marks
  • Holes
  • Pitting
  • Peeled paint
  • Shattered windows, especially the back windshield
  • Blown out tires
  • Damage to the vehicle’s electrical systems

If you notice any of the signs above, be sure to take photos of the damage to support your claim. However, it is essential to note that lightning can harm your vehicle even if it does not strike it directly. Check around your vehicle for scorch marks and other signs of a lightning strike. Indirect lightning damage can disrupt your vehicle’s electrical and safety systems and may even prevent your car from starting. Often, indirect strikes cause invisible damage. If your vehicle shows any signs of electrical damage, consider having it evaluated by a mechanic, as it may be unsafe to drive. 

How a Skilled Attorney Can Help You With Your Lightning Damage Claim

Even if you gathered evidence after the lightning strike, these claims can be challenging to prove, and the insurance company may try to dispute your evidence to deny or devalue your claim. An experienced attorney can work with you to defend your rights and interests as they fight for the compensation you are owed. A few of the many ways our team can assist you include the following:

  • Investigating your case and collecting evidence
  • Negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Determining the total value of your claim
  • Answering your legal questions
  • Filing all paperwork correctly and on time
  • Preparing your case for trial if necessary

We understand that no two lightning strikes are exactly alike and will work with you to understand every detail of your case and pursue a favorable outcome on your behalf. 

Discuss Your Case With an Experienced Attorney at The Law Offices of Scott Sobol

If lightning strikes your vehicle, navigating the aftermath can be confusing and stressful. At the Law Offices of Scott Sobol, we specialize in providing top-notch legal assistance so you can pursue justice. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the legal process so you can focus on your health and safety. We understand the complexities involved and are committed to tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

For personalized legal support and a free consultation, contact us at (954) 440-2000 or complete our contact form.

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