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Overcoming The Unexpected: How Alex Did It

Imagine a beautiful South Florida day – sunny and warm, not a raindrop in sight. You’re driving along, careful and mindful, listening to Pandora. Then, out of nowhere, you get slammed from behind. Your car and your body are jolted, you’re in shock and confused wondering what just happened to your peaceful day. And before you can even gather your wits, you look around and the car that hit you is trying to leave the scene of the accident

Now imagine you’re 20 years old, scared, in pain and without a clue as to what to do. This is what happened to Alex*. Thankfully for him, Alex figured out quickly that he needed someone to help him get through this time and get his life back. Not only was his car ruined and had to be repaired, but much more importantly, his back was ruined and had to be repaired surgically. This meant he would have to miss college, incur exorbitant medical fees, and go through the process of the physical recovery.

“I was terrified, to be honest. From the moment of impact, even though I was stunned, I knew everything was going to be a mess, I just didn’t know how bad,” said Alex.

What Alex required, after getting the initial medical attention he needed and getting safely back home, was a partner, an advocate, someone who was going to take the reigns to ensure he understood the process one must go through following an accident to get what is needed. He needed an experienced personal injury attorney.

“The very first thing we had to do was track down the individual who hit Alex and attempted to flee the scene, and prove that person was responsible for the crash,” said Scott Sobol, of The Law Offices of Scott Sobol and “Dealing with any accident is challenging enough, but one where the offending party was running from what happened is a whole other obstacle.”

Once that difficult task was accomplished, Sobol and his team were able to lead Alex through the progression of legal events as he recovered from his back surgery. Ultimately, they emerged victorious with a $100,000 settlement in the case – equating to the entire policy limit carried by the at-fault driver. This covered Alex’s medical and auto repair costs, as well as the pain and suffering he went through and other accident-related care he may require in the future. Alex is now back in school studying to get his degree and moving forward in his life.

“Mr. Sobol and his team really made it possible for me to get back on track with school and not have to worry about all of the expenses from the accident,” said Alex. “There is just no way I could have done all of this myself while also recovering and I am so grateful I had Mr. Sobol on my side.”

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