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You’ve just come away from a car accident. Your immediate future has dramatically changed. You have new bills to pay, new property damage to contend with, and injuries that have made your day-to-day responsibilities more difficult to address. How are you supposed to meet your daily goals when someone else’s negligence has upended your life?

If you’re ready to take action and take back control of your life, contact a Pembroke Pines car accident attorney. The Law Offices of Scott Sobol can give you the tools you need to hold the right parties accountable for your car accident losses. With our team on your side, you could fight for the compensation you need to contend with your post-accident bills.

Liability in Your Pembroke Pines Car Accident Case

Before you can demand compensation from someone, you need to know who to hold responsible for your car accident. It may be your instinct to blame another driver at the scene of your accident. In some cases, this is a good instinct. However, you need to look at the evidence at the scene of your accident before you make a decision about who to name in your complaint.

You don’t have to gather this evidence on your own. When you work with a Pembroke Pines car accident attorney, you can have our team do the legwork for you. We can go back to the scene of your accident and bring home physical debris, bystander statements, and footage from streetlights or storefronts.

With the help of expert witnesses and accident recreationists, we can determine what party played a role in your accident and what evidence we have of their negligence. With this information on hand, we can submit a complaint to a civil judge and make sure that your case is heard.

Who You Can Hold Liable for Car Accident Losses

There are several unique parties that you can hold liable for a car accident in Florida. The most common include:

  • Fellow motorists
  • Truck drivers
  • Motorcyclists
  • Bicyclists
  • Pedestrians
  • Construction crews
  • Corporate employees
  • Government representatives

Again, it’s the evidence you have on hand that will determine who you can name liable for your losses in your complaint. That said, the party responsible for your accident may not be the party you expect. For example, if poor roadway conditions contributed to your losses, another motorist may be as liable for your accidents as government representatives.

Comparative Negligence in Pembroke Pines Car Accidents

The State of Florida allows you to hold multiple parties liable for your losses should different instances of negligence have contributed to an accident. You are permitted to do this under the comparative negligence doctrine. 

Comparative negligence specifically allows you to state that certain parties held certain percentages of your accident’s fault. In turn, these parties can be held responsible for a matching percentage of your post-accident financial support.

How to Calculate the Value of a Pembroke Pines Car Accident Claim

So you know who to hold liable for your car accident. What compensation can you benefit from, however? There is no such thing as an average car accident settlement. Instead, you have to work with Pembroke Pines injury attorney to calculate the value of your case.

You establish the value of your case by adding together the bills you generated seeking out care after your car accident. The bills you bring forward can include your essential medical coverage as well as the cost of repairing any damaged property.

You can then modify that sum by taking emotional damages into account. Florida approves multipliers to stand in for losses like PTSD, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. Our team can investigate how these multipliers have impacted cases similar to yours and make sure that they are appropriately factored into your case’s overall value. 

You Have the Freedom to Control Your Car Accident Civil Claim

You don’t have to worry about a car accident claim locking you into a particular manner of addressing your personal injury. Instead, so long as your complaint is approved, you have the right to pursue car accident compensation in the way you choose. In most cases, you have the option to either negotiate for a car accident settlement or take your case before a judge.

Bringing a case before a judge doesn’t lock you out of negotiations. Instead, you have the right to meet with a defendant and discuss a car accident settlement up until the jury breaks for deliberation. Otherwise, you place your right to car accident compensation in the hands of that judge and jury.

Settlement negotiations, comparatively, can be resolved within a month or two of your accident. You can meet with a liable party alongside a Pembroke Pines car accident attorney and elaborate on the nature of your losses in private. We can elaborate on the nature of your losses on your behalf. At the same time, our Pembroke Pines car accident lawyers can ensure that the liable party doesn’t attempt to undersell the value of your case. 

Injured in an Accident?

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There are dozens of ways for a driver to become distracted or negligent behind the wheel of a car. That does not excuse the misconduct that results in roadway accidents. You can work with a car accident attorney in Pembroke Pines to hold negligent motorists or other affiliated parties accountable for the behavior that results in your losses.

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