Cooper City Car Accident Lawyer

Going to work, running errands, and spending time with friends and family all likely involve getting behind the wheel and hitting the road. Our infrastructure is built around automobiles, and a sizable portion of people own cars. Drivers must therefore be aware of and concerned about operating a vehicle safely. Despite the majority of people making an effort to get to their destination without incident, rules and driver’s education are insufficient to deter reckless driving. 

Any car on the road could end up in an accident. Collisions often result in multiple injuries and thousands of dollars worth of property damage. They can also have other costly consequences even if the accident seemed minor. You should rely on a skilled advocate who can represent you in court, bargain with your insurance company, and battle for the highest possible settlement for you.

What Causes the Majority of Car Accidents in Cooper City?

Given that Florida is one of the states with the highest population in the nation, it makes sense that a sizable portion of the population drives. With such a large population, Florida residents are more susceptible to experiencing a collision. Although driving is a privilege many people start using in their teens, many drivers never develop safe and responsible driving habits and continue driving recklessly into adulthood.

The majority of car accidents are caused by negligent driving practices such as:

  • Driving while distracted by an electronic device or eating
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit
  • Driving when intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
  • Disregarding traffic signs
  • Breaking traffic laws
  • Aggressive driving
  • Driving recklessly in inclement weather 

Any of these actions could endanger pedestrians and other drivers and cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in property damage. As the victim of a car accident, it may seem clear-cut who is at fault for your collision, but in court, the injured party bears the burden of proof, and it may be challenging to establish another party’s fault on your own. 

An experienced car accident attorney will be knowledgeable about gathering evidence of the at-fault driver’s negligence and may be able to assist you in developing a compelling case against them.

What to Do After a Cooper City Car Accident

Experiencing a car accident is terrifying. Your heart starts to race just thinking about the possibility of injury and wrecking your only form of transportation. Car accident victims must also worry about the consequences of their accident in addition to this dread. It can be hard to deal with the aftermath of an automobile accident.

Drivers frequently need to follow legal requirements after an auto accident. Residents of California who are engaged in a car accident must meet specific standards. While you must follow the law, you should also take some precautions to safeguard your safety and make filing an insurance or personal injury claim easier.

After a car accident, you should:

  • Move aside to remove yourself from the flow of traffic.
  • Make an emergency service call.
  • Inform the police about the collision.
  • Obtain the identity of the other motorist.
  • Photograph injuries, damage, and the accident scene.
  • Retain an experienced auto accident attorney.
  • Contact your insurance provider.

An expert automobile accident attorney can defend you in the fight to obtain compensation in addition to assisting you with all you are legally required to do. When working with an experienced car accident attorney, handling insurance and personal injury claims is significantly more straightforward. Additionally, your claims are more likely to be accepted and accurately represent the extent of your losses.

What Injuries Are Most Common After a Car Accident in Cooper City?

There is a great likelihood that you will suffer some sort of injury in any collision. Similar to how the severity of auto accidents can range from minor to catastrophic, auto accident injuries can also fall into a range. What injuries you might receive in an accident depends on the crash’s location, the car’s speed, the collision’s impact, and other factors.

Injuries that car accident victims commonly sustain include:

  • Connective tissue injuries
  • Fractured bones
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Scratches
  • Brain damage 
  • Head wounds
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain

Injury from a car accident can have long-term effects that may affect other aspects of your life. Each year, injuries sustained in an automobile collision claim the lives of millions of individuals. Even if you feel fine right after the incident, you might not realize the full extent of your injuries until you seek medical assistance. A medical examination promptly after your injury could save your life and help you if you decide to pursue financial compensation.

What Are the Car Insurance Requirements in Cooper City?

Florida mandates that all drivers carry insurance, just like the majority of states in the US. Before registering or driving a car in Florida, you must provide proof of personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) auto insurance.

Regardless of who was to blame for the accident, PIP will pay up to $10,000 in required and reasonable medical expenditures for covered injuries in the event of one. PDL protects you if you or someone else operating your insured car causes damage to someone else’s property. 

A Florida-licensed insurance company must offer proof of PIP/PDL coverage, or you can obtain a self-insurance certificate from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) by meeting specific requirements.

To comply with Florida’s auto insurance laws, your vehicle must:

  • Be protected with PIP and PDL insurance before registration.
  • Possess a minimum of $10,000 in PIP and $10,000 in PDL coverage.
  • Be protected by a contract from an insurance provider authorized to do business in Florida.
  • Possess ongoing coverage even if it’s not being driven or able to function.
  • Keep Florida insurance coverage active throughout the registration time, no matter where it is.

You can be punished if you don’t comply with these rules. Your driver’s license, license plate, and registration could be suspended if you don’t keep your insurance coverage current for the duration of your car’s registration. You can lose your registration and driving privileges for three years, and you might have to pay a reinstatement cost of up to $500.

There are no options for a temporary or hardship driver’s license for suspensions resulting from insurance-related issues. Before canceling your insurance, turn in your license plate at the closest driver licensing office, auto repair shop, or office of the tax collector to avoid paying suspension and reinstatement penalties.

Hire a Lawyer With Experience in Handling Auto Accidents

People often experience excessive stress and financial difficulty due to car accidents. Car accidents also frequently result in serious life problems, such as losing mobility due to severe injuries. You shouldn’t have to bear this mental and financial burden when someone else’s careless driving habits caused you to suffer. You may be able to obtain compensation that will free you from this burden by working with a knowledgeable Cooper City auto accident attorney.

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