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Who Could Be Responsible for a School Bus Accident in Florida?

School buses are often considered a symbol of safety and reliability that parents can trust to transport their children safely. However, accidents involving school buses can and do happen, shattering this sense of security and leaving families to contend with the aftermath. If your child was injured in a school bus accident, understanding who may be liable is critical to pursuing compensation for their losses. Depending on the accident’s unique circumstances, there may be several liable parties, including the bus driver, school district, or bus company. 

At the Law Offices of Scott Sobol, our skilled attorneys are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of legal representation. We understand the toll a school bus accident can take on victims and their families and will fight tirelessly for justice on your behalf. Attorney Sobol has represented over 1,000 clients and is ready to apply his experience and skills to your case. 

Possible Liable Parties in School Bus Accident Claims

School bus accidents can be complex and often involve several different possible liable parties. Depending on the nature of the accident, there may even be more than one party who bears fault for the collision. An experienced attorney can investigate the cause of the crash and determine who may be responsible, including the following parties:

The Bus Driver

Although bus drivers are trusted with the safety of students, they may still engage in negligent behavior behind the wheel. The bus driver drove recklessly or failed to follow proper safety protocols; they may be held liable in the event of an accident. 

The School District

If the bus is owned and maintained by the school district, they will likely bear liability if a crash occurs. The school district is not only responsible for ensuring their drivers are adequately trained and vetted, but they also have a duty to ensure their buses are well maintained. If a maintenance issue caused the accident, the district can be held accountable through a personal injury claim

Private School Bus Companies

Often, school districts may contract out to private school bus companies rather than employing drivers and maintaining buses themselves. In these scenarios, the private company would be held liable for the victim’s injuries and other losses. The type of business relationship the private company has with the school district can also impact liability, making it essential to have an experienced attorney on your side. 

Another At-Fault Driver

Not every school bus accident is caused by the bus driver or bus maintenance issue. In some cases, the other driver involved in the accident is responsible for the collision. If the other driver was texting and driving or failed to stop for a bus, they may be accountable for the damages to everyone involved in the collision. A trusted attorney can investigate your case to determine how the crash transpired and identify all liable parties. 

Discuss Your Case With an Experienced School Bus Accident Attorney at the Law Offices of Scott Sobol

If you or your child were injured in a school bus accident, it is essential to contact a skilled attorney as soon as possible. At the Law Offices of Scott Sobol, we are committed to holding negligent parties fully accountable for the harm they have caused. We know how stressful the wake of an accident can be and will take the stress of litigation off your shoulders as you focus on your family. 

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