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Step In A Hole While Out For A Walk

Imagine going out for a walk around your condo or apartment complex. As you walk through your complex you take a step, and your foot goes down into a hole. Your foot turns, and your ankle pops. As you fall to the ground, you think, what just happened? 

Sitting in the grass in pain wondering how you will get up and back to your home, you realize that you stepped into a hole created by a broken sprinkler head. You couldn’t see the hole, because the grass has grown over the broken sprinkler head. After calling your family or friend to come help you, you realize that this injury is going to cost you medical bills, lost time from work, and the need to have someone help you do your normal everyday activities.

The fact pattern above happens to more people than it should. Typically, the lawn company or property management company would be sure not to have a broken sprinkler head causing this dangerous condition. Unfortunately, not everyone takes their job as seriously as they should, and the result is a life changing injury. 

If there comes a time where you are injured because of a dangerous condition, it is important to take pictures, whether in the common area of where you live, or in a shopping center parking lot, or walking through a store, you have a duty to prove that there was a dangerous condition which caused your injury. If you can contact someone, it is important that a report is made immediately. If there is nobody to take a report, call an ambulance to transport you and report that the incident occurred. Once you have been treated at the hospital, it is important to protect your rights with the representation you deserve, as it is likely that you will receive a call from the adverse party or their insurance company.

If you feel as though you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, call The Law Offices of Scott Sobol or call Attorney Scott Sobol on his cell phone.

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