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Motorized Scooters

One of the hottest new gadgets to emerge over the last couple of years is the electric scooter. I’m sure you’ve seen kids and adults a like zooming down the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots at lightning speed. These are great fun and an easy way to get from here to there. You can even grab them randomly off the street in certain cities and use them for a few minutes and leave them again. Cool, huh?

But this hot scooter craze also comes with new safety challenges. If you are using an electric scooter:

  • Be sure you wear a helmet
  • Stay on sidewalks
  • Cross at designated crosswalks
  • Never drive your scooter in bicycle lanes or in lanes designed for automobiles

In parking lots, remember that you may be hard to spot, so watch for moving vehicles and yield to flowing traffic. And even though your scooter might be able to go fast, it’s best to keep your speed fairly consistent with those walking around you to avoid collisions. If you’re injured while using a scooter – especially one through a share program like Lime (link to, we are here to help!

As a driver, you’ve also got to be hyperaware. Scooters aren’t something drivers typically expect to see so don’t forget to check all your mirrors before pulling out of parking spaces or driving in areas with crosswalks. There are no official traffic rules regarding electric scooters, so the safest method is to treat riders with caution, just like you would any pedestrian or bicyclist.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need us, or if you just want to understand the issues and challenges with this emerging trend.

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