Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

In General by The Law Office of Scott Sobol

So much of what I do is simply talking to people. Educating them on their rights and the possibilities they have to be treated fairly and justly following an accident or injury. One of the most common thought processes people go through is wondering, at a very fundamental level, if they need an attorney. They ask: How do I know if I need a personal injury lawyer? How do I know if a personal injury attorney can help me?

Let’s start at my favorite place – the beginning. Ask yourself the following:

  • Have I been in a car, motorcycle or bicycle accident?
  • Did I slip and fall somewhere?
  • Was I involved in an accident on a construction site?
  • Did someone else’s dog bite me?
  • Have I been injured by a doctor or a health care facility whose job it was to help me?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you absolutely need to have a conversation with a personal injury lawyer.

Here are two important things to keep in mind as you find the right attorney to help you navigate the complicated legal maze of a personal injury case.

  • You should NEVER have to pay a single dollar out of your pocket – not for a consultation, not for a phone call, not for a meeting, not for medical records or expert witness fees, never. The attorney gets their money when you get your money. If a personal injury lawyer wants money from you at any time before they reach a settlement or a jury verdict in your case, you’re with the wrong lawyer.
  • You should ALWAYS have access to your legal team – you’re going to have questions and need information. You must choose a lawyer who will provide unfettered access to themselves and their team so you never have to wonder about the status of your case or if the process is being executed effectively. If a lawyer does not offer or agree to this kind of open communication, you’re with the wrong lawyer.

The ultimate role of a personal injury attorney is to give everyday citizens like you who can’t afford a big fancy law firm a chance to have their issue heard against what are often very large hospitals, companies, insurance groups, facilities and other organizations. The right personal injury lawyer will serve as a “checks and balances” on the companies doing wrong.

In an intimidating process, the right personal injury lawyer will be your advocate – without the costly hourly fees, red tape, and roadblocks people often perceive to be present when working with a lawyer.

Now that you know, ask yourself the most important question of all: Do I need a personal injury attorney?