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Auto Accidents

Dangerous Florida Roads and Drivers Lead to Accidents

Anyone who has been involved in an accident knows just how difficult it can be to move past the pain. Even accidents that are not very serious in nature can leave a lasting negative impact on a victim and their loved ones for years to come. When it comes to personal injury accidents, it can take even longer for a victim to recover, and unfortunately, sometimes victims are never the same.

A personal injury accident involves physical or emotional injury or trauma to a victim. Many times, these types of incidents can alter a victim’s life to the point that they are significantly traumatized or physically affected and can no longer perform regular tasks or enjoy their usual activities. A personal injury incident can be anything from an auto accident, wrongful death case, domestic abuse incident or even animal bite wound. Although the types of cases range in type and magnitude, the underlying issue still remains – personal injury victims have rights and they cannot be dismissed.

Dog Bites

Does My Family Have a Dog Bite Claim?

We all love our dogs. They provide us companionship, loyalty, and protection. Dogs truly are man’s best friend. Although there are many different breeds and each breed has its own peculiar habits and disposition, dog owners must be vigilant in their management and supervision of their animals. Veterinarians, dog trainers, and the Humane Society of Broward County all recommend that owners use common sense methods of securing their animals to prevent dog bites.

Unfortunately, South Florida is home to many illegal dog fighting operations. Even though Pit Bulls (which are outlawed in Miami-Dade County) and Rottweilers are the breeds most commonly associated with deadly attacks, it is generally due to the fact that these dogs have owners who are recklessly training them for dog fighting. But, it is not just Pit Bulls and Rottweilers that attack people. Even though a dog parent has followed the proper guidelines, the most calm animal with absolutely no history of aggressive behavior is still capable of inflicting life-threatening harm. Facial and abdominal lacerations requiring reconstructive surgery are the most common types of injuries that occur from dog bites.

Construction Accidents

Uber and Lyft Accidents

Property Damage Claims

Boat and Cruise Ship Accidents