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Can I File a Property Damage Claim After a Hurricane?

Hurricanes, as evidenced by recent news, can devastate a family’s livelihood. Whether it’s your home, business, or personal belongings that are underwater, you have the right to demand that an insurance provider help you contend with property damage related to these natural disasters.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies only want to protect their bottom lines—particularly in the wake of natural disasters that devastate swathes of homes. If an insurance provider tries to deny your rightful property damage claim, you can work with personal injury attorneys to hold them accountable for your losses.

Property Damage Claims Allow You to Restore Your Hurricane Losses

In the wake of a hurricane, you have the right to hold your insurance provider responsible for the coverage that you’ve paid for. As such, you have the right to file a property damage claim in the days following your losses. An insurance adjuster can come out to your property, so long as it is safe, and help take stock of your losses.

That said, you may want to have an attorney on hand while assessing the nature of your losses. Insurance adjusters may come up with an estimate of your losses that vastly under-addresses the state of your home or business. When you have an attorney with you, you can come up with your own estimate and thus negotiate for more comprehensive hurricane support.

The Process of Filing a Florida Property Damage Claim

You can file a property damage claim for a myriad of reasons in the wake of a hurricane. For example, if you’ve lost everything—from your home’s foundation to small personal belongings—you need support to rebuild your life. If the cost of replenishing your losses outstrips your deductible, too, a claim can get you the financial support you need.

You can file a property damage insurance claim with your provider by:

  • Contacting an insurance provider’s representative within days of undergoing your losses
  • Elaborating on the nature of your essential repairs
  • Requesting an advanced payment to begin restoring your life
  • Ask for details about temporary housing coverage
  • Schedule a date for an adjuster to come out to your property

If any of these steps go awry, you can reach out to a lawyer to help arrange your property damage claim.

Florida Civil Lawyers Make Insurance Providers Respect Your Losses

The recent devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian has left many Florida residents without homes, power, and personal belongings. The process of putting your life back together is going to take time. It gets easier, however, when you have the right people on your side.

Unfortunately, insurance providers that once promised to help you restore your belongings in the wake of a natural disaster may no longer want to uphold that responsibility. Many of these companies prioritize their own bottom lines over your right to recover.

You don’t have to let an insurance company deny you your right to the post-hurricane protection that you’ve already paid for. If you file a property damage claim and see it denied, you can work with a personal injury attorney to take the offending representatives to civil court.

File a Property Damage Claim After a Hurricane in Florida

You can file property damage claims in the wake of a hurricane. You can discuss what right you may have to compensation, particularly in the face of a denied insurance claim, with a personal injury attorney. We can assess your losses and make sure that an insurance provider takes your concerns seriously.

Contact The Law Offices of Scott Sobol today to learn more about your right to financial support after a natural disaster. We are available to schedule a case consultation for you today. Call us at (954) 440-2000 or reach out online to have an attorney.

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